Hackathon where you make something cool within 24 hours

Similar to how you play a poker game, but more unique and fun

Participant's buy-in money will be the prize money


You will receive poker chips, and the team which has the most chips at the end will be crowned the winner!

Buy in Chips = €30

The total buy in money will make up the sum of the prize money!

Earn 30 chips

Team Up!

There are three categories:
Developer, Designer, and Strategist You will receive a single poker card, and be teamed up with two other people who hold the same cards.
Each category has the same suit, so all teams will have one person from each category.

Each team will have 90 poker chips

Idea Submission

Your team will be given an hour to decide the product concept. Each team needs to submit a brief idea description via Google Docs before the 1 hour deadline. Your team will lose 10 chips if the Google Docs link is not submitted by the deadline.

May lose 10 chips

Working on it!

Now, you can just focus on your product building overnight. Remember, this is a Hackathon. You must build some prototype that actually functions.

Code Submission

You should submit your code via Github and provide the share link before noon. You will lose 10 chips if you submit late.

May lose 10 chips

Demo Showdown!

Every team will show its product demo.


All teams must use 30 poker chips to vote for their favourite products. You can choose one or multiple favourite products. The poker chips you use for voting will go to the team you vote for.

Must use 30 chips


The team who has the most poker chips at the end will be the winner just like in a poker game.


Developers, designers, strategists, for all passionate people!
These three categories of participants will be mixing to create a supercharged-hero team. You MUST bring your laptop (and your awesome self of course :)


Adventurous person with any type of development skills.


Creative person who can make something cool or beautiful.


Innovative person who can refine and drive a team to success.

Hachahold'em Slack

Join our Slack channel now and help us shape the event.


This is not a gambling event. We will just use some aspects of a poker game for a fun hackathon event. No bets are required.


FEB 3 - 4, 2018

The first event is taking place in The Building Block (buddy) and starts at 1:30pm on Febrary 3rd, and finishes at 2pm on Febrary 4th.


Our Buddies
These friends help make Hackahold'em more fun and enjoyable.


One of the largest online retailers

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Local Enterprise Sligo

Generating sustainable employment in the region

Learn More

Building Block

The best coworking space in Ireland

Learn More

Bank of Ireland

Supporting start-up communities

Learn More


Makers of Great Software

Learn More


We are the founding team that initiated Hackahold'em

Noel Mulkeen

YoungHwi Cho

More Buddies

We are currently discussing bringing more buddies on board to support Hackahold'em. Please contact us via email.

Email Us

Starling & Co

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Adelaide Casino

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Startup Sligo Meetup

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Glofend Technologies

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LoughGill Brewery

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Noel & YoungHwi,
Behind Hackahold'em
Meet the two entrepreneurs to kick start the first-ever Hackathon event in Sligo - an effort to put Sligo on the map as a key start-up location in Ireland.

Noel Mulkeen

Entrepreneur, Innovator, Sustainability & Blockchain Advocate

Learn More

YoungHwi Cho

Designer and Co-founder of BourbonShake, a blockchain-based social app provider

Learn More

Buy-in Chips €30
will all go towards the prize money!
No pre-payment is required. If you are students, Overstock will support 50% of your buy-in poker chips. Please specify if you are a student when you register.